About Us

Gusari was founded in 2019 after a series of observations into what felt like a one dimensional swimwear market. All other garment categories benefit from a range of different styles, colourways & patterns.. so why not swimwear?

Our ethos is simple; redefine the luxury swimwear market.

Our bold and versatile designs stand out from the market whilst encapsulating functionality & comfort. We are constantly looking to push the boundaries, breaking down the barriers of what swimwear ‘should’ look like. Key features such as the pleat and D hoop, are not normally fits you may associate with swimwear, but we have taken it upon ourselves to combine traditional, sartorial elegance with modern day tailoring to create the perfect swimshort.

We started our journey by bringing to you our first model ‘The London’ which really encapsulates who we are as a brand. The ghurka style design with a single side fastener are both features you would normally associate with a smart trouser, not swimwear. This is one of the reasons why we founded gusari, we believe the male swimwear market deserves better & for that we are here to serve everyone out there who feels the same.

Next, we blessed you with even more new designs, The Deia closely followed by St Barths. With every short we like to base it on a location in the world where the culture fits with the design of the short. Deia, a municipality and small coastal village forming the northern ridge of Mallorca bodes well for our bold and garish D hoop design. Whereas St Barths, a small island based off the Caribbean has a relaxed and laissez faire feel.

We have many more designs, patterns and garments to present to you in 2022 & we really hope you enjoy them and continue to shop with the Gusari family.

‘Sustain’ – an adjective used to describe a feeling of nourishment or nurture. As a new brand, we have made it our responsibility to create sustainable garments at an affordable price. Our impact starts with our suppliers, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring work does not impact the environment or the people we work with in a negative way. That is why everyone we work with is fully audited and in adherence to our company policy, which outlines the highest of standards in terms of working environment and fair and equal pay.

In terms of our materials, these are sustainably sourced and manufactured responsibly, prioritising natural & recycled materials. Our shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our swing tags are made from bamboo paper and our seals are 100% biodegradable.